What Nobody on Payroll Will Tell You About Infusionsoft and ONTRAPORT

Why I Made This Little Website

Marketing online became a passion of mine back in 2004.

Having been around a little bit and used hundreds of tools in my business, I can speak candidly and thoroughly about ONTRAPORT vs Infusionsoft.

I started and ran a marketing services company since before marketing online was a cool thing to do. I recently sold that to focus on my supplement and speaking businesses.

All through the years I’ve met literally thousands of people who struggle with technology and struggle even more to know exactly what they need for their unique situations. I can relate. I’ve put in the years of work to learn it. It’s intimidating.

Truth is, answering the questions about Infusionsoft and ONTRAPORT became a little monotonous. So, I told myself I’d create the best resource on the entire internet for making this decision. That’s what I did.

I wanted to make this site so that I can point people here and be able to give real value to them without explaining the same things over and over… and saving myself time in the process while helping a lot people.

My goal. As I mention in my ONTRAPORT review, software companies aren’t good at providing the bare bones info you need to make a decision. Since that’s the case, my goal is to give you all the info I can, the good and the bad, while leaving the door open for you to ask questions specifically about you and your business and your needs.

If you’re like me, I hate shopping for software solutions probably more than you hate reading another “Infusionsoft review” (I promise I’ll make this one fun).

I hate it because I know exactly what I want but nobody gives enough detail about their service to make a half decent decision. Nobody does.